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Westcountry Milk

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    New office furniture

In early 2019, from a Google search of “office furniture devon” we had a call from Westcountry Milk in Exeter asking us to quote initially for new furniture in the Sales and General Manager’s office

We were delighted to firstly recycle all of the existing furniture then with our partners at Tangent Furniture (General Manager’s office) and Narbutas Nova Wood range with Incatext Kinetic chairs with Dominator screens we created a stunning working office with the Dark Grey finish – the first install actually completed at 2.30am to ensure nothing was affected during the busy working day.

As the customer was so pleased we were invited back to complete the accounts and MD offices, finishing which was a brilliant job in the end!

After everything had been completed we received this from Danny Raleigh – General Manager:

“When we first contacted Lifestyle Office Furniture, we really weren’t sure what we needed, we just knew we needed new furniture and to try and maximise our office space more efficiently. Alan has been extremely attentive throughout the process. Some small things went wrong, however, Alan and Lifestyle put them right with no fuss, no drama. It’s when things go wrong that service gets truly tested and they came through with flying colours. Regardless, the issues were minor and we were so happy with the results of what Alan guided us to; that we immediately set about replacing furniture in two more offices with him. I would thoroughly recommend Alan and the team at Lifestyle Office Furniture.

We are all genuinely really pleased with the new setup. It kick started a full face-lift as you know which was much needed!

Thanks Alan."

Makes what we do worthwhile!